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Personal Information Collection (PIC) statements

香港糖尿聯會 Diabetes Hongkong
收集個人資料聲明 Personal Information Collection (PIC) statements
If there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these Statements, the English version shall prevail.)

Diabetes Hongkong will collect the personal data from various sources of data subject (person). We respect personal data and are committed to implementing and complying with the data protection principles and the relevant provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

1. 收集及保存個人資料之目的 Purposes of collecting and keeping personal data
1. 處理招募會員/服務使用者/義工、招聘及僱用員工有關的程序;
Process procedures concerning recruitment of members / service users / volunteers / staf and staff employment;
2. 處理捐款的行政工作,如發出收據、收款通知,及作捐款記錄等等;
Process donation administration, such as issue of receipts, payment collection notices, donation records, etc.;
3. 用於與香港糖尿聯會工作有關的通訊,提供籌款及教育資料如小冊子、會訊及發出籌款呼籲等等;
Provide communications, fundraising, and educational materials related to the work of Diabetes Hongkong such as brochures, newsletters and donation appeals etc.;
4. 組織籌款或教育活動;
Organize fundraising events or educational activities;
5. 用作統計或資料硏究;
Prepare statistics or carry out research;
6. 為遵守適用於香港糖尿聯會的任何法律規訂;
Comply with any statutory requirements or laws that bind Diabetes Hongkong;
7. 用於與香港糖尿聯會的籌款、教育、社會服務及其營運工作直接有關的其他目的。
Other purposes directly related to the fundraising, education, social services and operation functions of Diabetes Hongkong.

2. 未能提供資料的後果 Consequence of not providing data
The supply of data is voluntarily except for those data specified in the data collection form as obligatory. Failure to supply such obligatory data will prevent us from fulfilling the above-mentioned purposes.

3. 轉移個人資料Transfer of personal data
The personal data collected will be disclosed to the following parties directly related to the above-mentioned data collection purposes:
1. 於有需要情況下,資料或會傳送予提供電訊、電腦及其他相關服務的代理人、銀行或其他第三方以作本會籌款、教育、社會服務、統計、運作用途。
Any agent, contractor, bank, or other third party who provides telecommunication, computer, and other related services in connection with the fundraising, education, social services, education, statistics, operation functions of Diabetes Hongkong
2. 與香港糖尿聯會共同策劃籌款、教育或研究有關活動的任何單位,代理人或其他有關第三者。
Any co-organiser, agent or other third party involved with Diabetes Hongkong in organising fundraising, education, research or related activities;
3. 為遵守適用於香港糖尿聯會的法律規訂而涉及之任何法定、政府或監管機構。
Any statutory, governmental or regulatory bodies or institutions for compliance of any statutory requirements or laws that bind Diabetes Hongkong
4. 查閱並更正個人資料 Access and correction of personal data
You have the right of access to, and correction of, personal data kept and used by the Organisation in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. A reasonable fee may be charged for processing data access request.
如要求查閱或更正個人資料,可向下列單位提出書面申請For access or correction of personal data,


please send requests to the following address:
Diabetes Hongkong
Rooms 2001-02, 20/F, Times Tower, 928-930 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon

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